Towards tightening Capesize Supply: Fleet ageing versus Orderbook!

Despite a regain of interest during 2020/2021 on the back of post-covid stimulus plans, recent ordering activity for Capesize bulk carriers (i.e. 100 – 220kt-Dwt) has led to…

Capesize Fleet New Deliveries and Vessels older than 20 years

…an orderbook growing at a slower pace than the ageing of the fleet from 2025 onwards.

Interestingly, that period also coincides with the delivery of significant greenfield iron ore mining projects. Given the challenge of starting new mining operations, it is understandable that prudent mining groups have not considered long-term freight deals for these assets yet.

Altogether, that gap between the mining & shipping cycle brings prospects of animated Capesize spot markets in the years to come.

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