Baltimore Bridge Collapse & Consequences for Global Coal Trade

It took 2 consecutive power failures at the worst possible moment for container ship M/V Dali to ram and totally…

Baltimore Bridge Collapse and Global Coal Trade

…collapse Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge early on Tuesday upon exiting the city’s port. Six people are still missing and presumed dead.

One consequence of the accident is to prevent the second largest coal port in the USA, with a combined capacity of 30Mtpa, to operate until the remains of the bridge are cleared and the access to the coal berths is made possible again. In the meantime, 2 ships are waiting at docks and 7 others queueing for a cargo. It has been reported that the port would undergo extended closure for 4 to 6 weeks and delayed shipments for up to 2.5Mt of coal cargoes. Customers are likely to consider various alternatives such as US petroleum coke for Indian cement producers or Australian metallurgical coal for European or Asian steel producers.

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