IG Supports Mercy Ships’ Life-Changing Mission

We’re delighted to partner with Mercy Ships, donating a portion of our commission to deliver life-changing surgeries & medical aid to those in Africa who need it. This partnership reflects our core values of integrity, collaboration, and shared success.

Two Mercy Ships' vessels docked at a port.

At IG, we take great pride in supporting the remarkable team at Mercy Ships who are making a profound impact by providing life-changing surgeries and medical assistance throughout Africa to those who need it most. Mercy Ships operates floating hospitals, delivering essential surgical interventions and support to local healthcare systems.

We are proud to partner with Mercy Ships and share a portion of our commission in favour of their mission. It is an interesting coincidence that their European siege is located in Lausanne, Switzerland – the same city where one of IG’s most important offices is situated: the IG’s headquarters. This partnership is a reflection of our core values of integrity, collaboration, and shared success, and aligns with our broader sustainability objectives as we strongly believe that embracing sustainability in business means taking care of our people, customers, partners, and the wider society.