A Chronology of our Merger

Merger of IFCHOR and Galbraiths creates a new entity, IFCHOR GALBRAITHS, that combines the wider network, focused research, and advanced digital infrastructure of both organizations to offer greater value to their shipping clients.

A Chronology of our Merger

This merger marks a milestone in the history of the two companies, and they look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

From some very deep talks at management level in 2022, the companies have come a long way, and have gone through a thought process to finally decide in Q3 2022 to merge.

2023 stands as a remarkable landmark for IFCHOR GALBRAITHS, representing a crucial and successful point in its history. In November of 2022, the companies announced their intention to join forces by merging IFCHOR and Galbraiths into one cohesive brokerage and shipping advisory services platform.

This merger, driven by the understanding that a combined entity can offer greater value by combining a wider network, focused research and advanced digital infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving needs of the shipping industry, was met with great enthusiasm from colleagues and clients of the 2 entities.

The merger agreement has been signed in January 2023, and the legal & administrative process of the companies’ integration has been completed in June 2023. As a result, IFCHOR GALBRAITHS is now comprised of more than 20 offices and 300 personnel from many different backgrounds and nationalities.

The management is eager to maintain the ethos and values which are part of the legacy of the two companies. The post-merger integration is underway with most of the company’s people meeting in Athens Mid-June 2023 for a global gathering to reinforce the 2 legacies 1 vision mindset!